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The Nation First is India’s No.1 new age tech media platform fostering entrepreneurship and the source for digital culture & innovation for the connected generation. We create and curate India specific stories, Social Unbalancement,Political Issues and Trending Stories.

The digital world has moved on to a whole new level today. The advent of new technologies, the proliferation of social media, the niche sector around it, and the influx of bringing to new ideas, new business models, and new ecosystems. We encourage these talented minds by helping them in reaching out to a wide audience, prospective Readerss and investors.

The Nation First has brought to burning stories of our societies along with the individuals, Every day we bring to our readers the latest trending articles from the core of our socity, spanning across Politics, hyperlocal, social, and many other sectors. We believe that information is the new age currency and by empowering our readers with the right information, we are playing our part in fostering a healthy, vibrant, strong, dynamic and progressive ecosystem.

We Always focus on the small and tiny but important stories where Big Media Houses are not interested in covering which helps the common people to raise their voice to Fight for their Right.

We at The Nation First endeavor to propagate more such entrepreneurial ideas – ideas that can change the way we live, ideas which can change the way we transact, ideas which can change the way we conduct business, ideas which can change the way we think, ideas which can solve our daily pain points in an innovative and progressive way, and ideas which will help to create the New ecosystem for our valuable Society.

Our platform aims to be the one stop source to our Society where Nation Comes Always First.

What We Do.

We are Young, Innovative, Dynamic Team focus mostly on Article Publishing which relates to Politics, Flambéing Corner of History, Entertainment Gossips, Social Evils, along with News Publishing and Coverage is also introduced by The Nation First.


We always come up with New Ideas for our Readers, We Believe that “ PAST IS EXPERIENCE,PRESENT IS EXPERIMENT AND FUTURE IS EXPECTATION, and WE Always use our EXPERIENCE  to EXPERIMENT to meet the EXPECTATION.

We believe in TRUTH not in TRP, which helps our team to bring truth to every corner of society where nation is our First Priority.

 Our Innovative Culture

Based on our unique heritage and beginnings as The Nation First, has created a culture that emphasizes our Readers centricity, team work, and continuous improvement. Based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and acting as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions, our values serve as our organization’s pillars.

TNF’s  operations are a seamless extension of our Readers Our strong operating culture defines our process effectiveness, aimed at delivering measurable business impact and strategic value to our Readers We see our Readers relationship as strategic, long term, and enduring, which. We believe that honest and regular Readers feedback enriches our relationships, so our feedback sessions are one-on-one or revolve around regular Readers forums that stimulate new thinking and thought leadership. It also enables our Readers to share best Article,Views,Feedback and connect with our experts and peers.

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